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All Real Estate is Local and Local REALTORS® are the Key

Our members are ready to help you find the property that is right for you.  Whether you are looking to buy or sell a full-time residence, a seasonal home, relocation property, investment or commercial property, or a condominium, contact one of our members today. All real estate is local and you need a local expert in these change times. Our REALTOR® members are the local experts you need on your side.

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I Pledge Myself
To strive to be honorable and to abide by the Golden Rule;
To strive to serve well my community, and through it, my country;
To abide by the REALTORS’® Code of Ethics and to strive to conform my conduct to its aspirational ideals;
To act honestly in all real estate dealings;
To protect the individual right of real estate ownership and to widen the opportunity to enjoy it;
To seek better to represent my clients by building my knowledge and competence.

Not Every Real Estate Agent Is A REALTOR®!

The term “REALTOR” and the blue REALTOR® “R” have been used for over 100 years to identify those real estate professionals who are members of the National Association of REALTORS®. REALTORS® adhere to strict standards of ethical conduct. Consumers find REALTORS® to be more professional, more knowledgeable, and better prepared than other real estate sales associates.


  • A REALTOR® is the only real estate professional who has vowed to treat their clients ethically.
  • A REALTOR® finds you a dream home and protects your right to it.
  • A REALTOR® negotiates the best price and uses the industry’s leading market data to do it.
  • A REALTOR® knows your neighborhood, the neighbors, and volunteers to make it better.
  • The REALTOR® Code of Ethics makes REALTORS® your advocate in one of the largest transactions you’ll ever make.
  • A REALTOR® isn’t just a home or business search, it’s a human connection to the best property for you.
  • A REALTOR® is supported by the nation’s largest professional trade organization, protecting your property and community long after the contracts are signed.